Super Powers

“Grandma my khimar gives me Super Powers”
Al Hamdulillah, my granddaughter gave me my topic for today. Children are so precious and so very innocent. She is one happy little girl and she is only 2 years, 11 months.  She told her mother this morning she wanted to wear her khimar because it gives her “Super Power”.  Children can have the funniest imagination and for her to want to wear her khimar (scarf) because she believed it gave her “Super Powers” is a wonderful imagination to have.  She is truly a unique little girl, since she learned how to talk she can articulate very well and for those who know her can testify to this. My husband was caught off guard when she asked me “grandma papa your husband?” Yes, I answered her.  Whenever she sees a couple standing together or talking to one another, she will walk up to them and ask the sister “Is that your husband?” if you answered no, the next question would be “Then why are you talking to him?” Can you imagine a 2 year old walking up to you asking you your marital status.
She is a reminder of what we should be about.Can you remember the cartoon shows you use to watch as a kid and or the games that you played outside?

I can remember playing hopscotch, jump-rope, jackstones, hide and seek, marbles, one, two, three red light, kick-ball. I can remember my friends and I making a go cart out of the steel skates and board of woods. I used to have so much fun growing up, now I have fun telling my grandchildren the games and toys we used to play with.

I decided that I will help my grandchildren build their own go cart, In-Sha Allah.  smile!

Grandparents or parents send us pictures or a video of your children playing hopscotch, or any of the games that you used to play growing up with you via email at:, for us to share with our readers.

Let them see that you remember how to play.

Your Sister In Faith,
Jamilah Jihad