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Shaatiby Institute is an ASL (Arabic as a second language) program, Quran memorization program (Hifz), Tajweed (pronunciation of Quran) and after school facility. We are also participants of the Federal FREE school lunch program.  


Public School (Full Time)


Private School (Full-Time)

Young Prodigies Learning Academy Location:

Young Prodigies is a child care provider offering various child care service. We aim to provide services for the working parents, stay at home moms, grandparents, etc. Young Prodigies offers exceptional child care and educational services designed for children ages 1 year to 13 years old.

Iqraa Montessori Location:

Located in Ellenwood, GA We are a private Montessori school with an Islamic environment. We follow the "fitra" of the child, which means we cater to the individual needs of the child based on their interest and understanding

Folsom Educational Academy Location:

The philosophy of Folsom Educational Academy is to provide quality academic and contemporary Islamic education that nurtures the individuality of every student in a safe and respectful environment

Al Kunuz Location:

Al-Kunuz is a pioneer in the field of teaching the Arabic language on the internet. First institute of its kind opened in 2006, we have aserious experience in online education, teacher training and pedagogy adapted.

Charlotte Islamic Academy Location:

Charlotte Islamic Academy is a comprehensive community school with college preparatory focus. Students are challenged academically and are inspired to become better citizens through their Islamic education.

Miftaahul Uloom Academy Location:

Our mission is to help families raise children who are God-conscious, principled,  knowledgeable, well-balanced, cooperative, committed, and caring Muslims.

Mohammed Schools Location:

Cora Z. Aleem Primary Clara Mohammed Elementary Clara Mohammed Middle Warith Deen Mohammed High Providing Pre-K thru 12th Grade Superior Educational Instruction.


Our Mission is to effectively instill Islamic values and morals, while ensuring academic excellence through an integrated curriculum based upon: *State of Georgia  and other reputable curricula * Islamic Studies and Arabic Language

DARUN-NOOR Location:

We were established in 1990 following the establishment of the first Masjid in Atlanta, Al-Farooq Masjid of Atlanta.  Our rapid growth over the past 2 decades has increased our student body to over 250 students and allowed us to provide superior education from pre-kindergarten to 8th grade


To nurture young minds utilizing state-of-the-arts educational tools and methodology. To mold the character of the student according to the highest Islamic moral standards. To motivate the next generation of Muslims to be leaders and affluent members of society.


ILM Academy is metro Atlanta's first private, non-profit, Islamic School. With the blessings of Allah, the tremendous growth in the North Atlanta Muslim Community in the last few years has led to a realization among many parents for the dire need of a premier Islamic institution serving the  Alpharetta and Roswell area. Over the summer of 2008, a number of motivated and concerned parents and community members decided it was time to put their thoughts into action. The result, Alhamdulillah, is ILM Academy, an AdvancED/CISNA accredited, parent governed, independently run and professionally managed Pre to K-8 Islamic School.

Little Alim’s Preschool Location:

Little Alim’s Academy offers a dynamic nurturing and stimulating environment for young children. We aim to incorporate Islamic values alongside an enriching educational program through love, literacy, and Islam. We also offer advanced learning courses for school-aged children and adults.

Al Bayyinah Community Center Location:

Located in East Point, Georgia


Wadia Islamic Academy: Provide students with a quality Islamic education based upon the lofty principles of the Quran and prophetic tradition.


We incorporate a holistic approach to learning utilizing critical thinking, problem solving, communication and creativity.THE LEARNING HOUSE where HOME+SCHOOL=QUALITY EDUCATION


The mission of the American Islamic College is to provide students of all backgrounds with a rigorous academic training in Islamic Studies that is contextualized within a broad understanding of the historical and global contexts and forces that shape intellectual debates and interpretations as well as the political and social structures of diverse contemporary Muslim societies.

IQRA Montessori School IQRAA MONTESSORI Location:

Islamic Montessori School servicing children from 2-1/2 - 9 in Clayton, DeKalb, Henry, and Fulton Counties.


The mission of Mohammed Schools is to provide an education based on Qur’anic principles and their universal application. Our goal is to teach all students to accept their G’d given responsibilities and full potential, as we provide a nurturing environment that engages students in discovery and critical thinking We strive to develop a cooperative partnership among students, family and community in creating a dynamic, prosperous, G’d conscious community of enlightened leaders and effective global citizens.